1.212 FAQ-954 How to put the source data and the graph together in one window?

Last Update: 11/4/2018

To embed a table in a graph, you can

To add a graph into a worksheet, you can

  • Insert a graph into a worksheet cell
    1. Right-click on the target cell, and then select Add Graph... from context menu to open Insert Graph dialog.
    2. Select a graph in Graph Browser to insert it into the worksheet cell.


  • Add a floating graph on a worksheet
    1. Activate the graph window you want to add to worksheet, then activate the target worksheet.
    2. Right-click on the grey space of the worksheet to select Add Graph... context menu.
    3. The recently-activated graph window will be added to the worksheet directly. If you didn't activate any graph window recently, the Graph Browser will be opened, you can select a graph to add it as a movable floating object onto the worksheet.

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