1.195 FAQ-914 Why can not reopen Origin by double clicking the graph copied to other software?

Last Update: 1/4/2019

If you use copy a graph from Origin 2018 or later versions, and paste to Word or PowerPoint and so on. Then share this sofeware file with the Origin users who are using pre-2018 versions. When they double click on the graph copied from Origin, Origin can not be open and show the following error message.

Open graph error message.png

That is because, in Origin 2018 and later versions, we use a new file type .OGGU insert of .OGG for the graphs. But in the old version, Origin does not support this new format, so the graph can not be open in Origin. About new file type, plesae refer to this page.

In Origin 2018b and later versions, you can use the system variable @OPJ to control whether to save project file and copy the graph in a new file type by default.

@OPJ=0 Save project to New file type, and copy graph page as New file type
@OPJ=1 Save project to Old file type, but copy graph page as New file type
@OPJ=2 Save project to New file type, but copy graph page as Old file type
@OPJ=3 Both will use Old file type

To set the System Variables:

  1. Select Preferences: System Variables in the main menu.
  2. In the Set System Variables dialog, you can add the OPJ in a new item under Variable then enter 2 or 3 under Value. And click OK to save the setting.
  3. Then when you copy graph page to other sofeware using old file type OGG.

Keywords:Save project, OPJ, OPJU, OGG, OGGU, Copy Page, PPT, Word