1.81 FAQ-211 How do I create a function of two variables?

Last Update: 7/30/2015

  • Select File: New: Function Plot: 3D Function Plot
  • Enter the number of Columns and Rows you need and the range of X and Y values those Columns and Rows represent (From and To).
  • Enter the function as an expression using X and Y in the box next to Z(x,y)=.
  • You can use the right arrow button to select some existing function to include in your expression.
  • You can add definitions which you can use in your expression.
  • You can use the Label tab to edit the Long Name, Units and Comments of the X, Y and Z variables.
  • Click OK button and a matrix of the evaluated function is created and plotted.

You can also create User Defined Functions in LabTalk.

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