1.215 FAQ-958 How to reduce the data points of the plot regularly?

Last Update: 5/31/2024

Two ways to reduce data points of plot regularly:

Method 1:

  1. With the graph window activated, select Format: Plot... menu to open Plot Details dialog.
  2. Go to the Display tab. In the Data Points Display Control area, use the drop-down menu to select Skip Points by Increment under the Data Points Display Control block. Set the skip frequency. Note: If 5 is entered in the text box, then only the first out of every 5 data points will be displayed; the remaining 4 data points will be skipped.

Method 2:

  1. Go to the source worksheet, highlight the column with source data, select Worksheet: Reduce Rows menu to open the Reduce Rows dialog.
  2. In this dialog, set Reduce Method to Delete N Rows, then skip M rows, Delete Rows to 4, Skip Rows to 1, Output as <new>.
  3. Click OK button to reduce the data rows. Highlight the result columns and plot a new graph with less data points.

Keywords:Reduce Points, delete points, skip points