1.136 FAQ-742 How to add the Mean line to my curve?

Last Update: 12/19/2017

By Adding Axis Reference Line

Note: this method only works in Origin 2018 and higher versions.

  1. Open Axis dialog.
  2. On Reference Lines tab, click Details button.
  3. Click Add button to add a statistics reference line.
  4.  :Statistical reference line.gif

By Statistics Gadget

You can use the Statistics gadget to add a Mean line to a curve or only part of the curve.

  1. Activate the graph window and select Gadgets: Statistics from the main menu.
  2. In the dialog that opens, click OK to add a Region of Interest (ROI) box to the graph. A Mean line is added. Click on the ROI and move or resize, as needed, so that it covers only the data points of interest.
  3. Click the triangle button at the top-right and select Tag Lines from the fly-out menu. This will add the Mean line as an object; if you close the ROI by clicking on the gadget's X button, you won't delete the Mean line.

See here for a detailed example.

Keywords:add mean line, statistics gadget

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0