1.279 FAQ-1143 How to create colorblind-friendly graphs?

Last Update: 6/28/2022

Origin includes some built-in colorblind friendly color lists and palettes. Please refer to the table below. You can load and apply these lists or palettes from any color-control GUI to make a colorblind friendly graph.

Color Lists (*.oth) Palettes (*.pal)
ColorList BlueOrange 1143.png BlueOrange
ColorList ColorBlindSafe8 1143.png ColorBlindSafe8†
ColorList ColorBlindSafe15 1143.png ColorBlindSafe15†
ColorList Inferno 1143.png Inferno
ColorList Magma 1143.png Magma
ColorList OrangeNavy 1143.png OrangeNavy†
ColorList Plasma 1143.png Plasma
ColorList Rainbow Modified 1143.png Rainbow_Modified†
ColorList RedPurple 1143.png RedPurple
ColorList Viridis 1143.png Viridis
Palette BlueOrange 1143.png BlueOrange
Palette Brown 1143.png Brown†
Palette GreyBlue 1143.png GreyBlue†
Palette Inferno 1143.png Inferno
Palette Magma 1143.png Magma
Palette OrangeNave 1143.png OrangeNavy†
Palette Plasma 1143.png Plasma
Palette RedPurple 1143.png RedPurple
Palette Viridis 1143.png Viridis
Palette YellowBlue 1143.png YellowBlue†
Palette YellowGreen 1143.png YellowGreen†
Palette YellowPurple 1143.png YellowPurple†

Please note that some color lists and palettes are not shown on GUI by default, which are marked by "†" in the above table.

To add them to GUI

  1. Choose Tools: Color Manager menu.
  2. Select Color Lists or Palettes for Type as you want. Find the desired list/palette from left panel, click ⍈ button to add it to the right panel.

Add colo palette.png

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