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Antoine Couturier
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Animate graphs with many different effects and create animated GIF

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This App will animate ANY type of graph and generate an animated gif for inserting into presentation software.
Dataplots are morphed into their actual values from a constant baseline (min, max, mean ...) or from any other dataplot.

- Many morphing effects are available
- Dataplot can be animated simultaneously or sequentially
- Possibility to split animation file sequentially
- Customizable graph size, number of frames and framerate
- Included help file (? button in dialog)
- First frame saved separately to be used as initial slide, before animation is started
- Fun to use

- Matrix plots not supported. In that case, source matrix should be converted to worksheet
- Animation can not work if dataplot comes from a locked column (X-function output or column formula)

Important Note:
Animated GIF files are built with included command-line program Gifsicle and involves DOS command window. All is done automatically and it is perfectly normal to briefly see DOS command prompt window open and close.
DO NOT close it manually or it will break GIF creation.
For the purposes of this App, Gifsicle is expressly available for use without restriction in compiled form (see


v1.4: Fix wrong total number of frames displayed in dialog in some cases
- Morph colors between dataplots
- Improved wave effects: waves much smoother when number of frames is big and dataplot size is small.
- Code improvements
- See complete changelog at the bottom of help file
- added 2 effects (derived from uniform morph and rightward wave)
- code improvements
- small bug fixes
v1.1: disable dataplot selection if source column is locked

Reviews and Comments:
10/12/2018redmanI think it would be very useful!

08/28/2018lsiGreat App.

08/27/2018chris@originlab.comThis is an excellent app- many of well thought-out options and it's fun to use as well simple to see everything that is available. It generates an animated GIF, a format that allows it to be used in many ways.

Take a few minutes to read the Help file (press F1 when the dialog is open), to better appreciate all the options.

08/23/2018simonavrillonThis app is very useful. It improves the understanding of data for courses and oral presentations.