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Chromaticity diagram template with support for PL data

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This app can be used to:

  1. Open a workbook template with CIE 1931 color space chromaticity diagram and CIE 1976 UCS (uniform chromaticity scale) diagram.
  2. Calculate CIE XYZ from photoluminescence spectra and add PL data to the chromaticity diagram.

Download ChromaticityDiagram.opx file, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

With a worksheet or a graph active, click the app icon. A toolbar with two buttons will appear.

  • Open Chromaticity Diagram Template
    Click the first button, and it will open a workbook template. In the third sheet, two graph templates (CIE 1931 and CIE 1976) are inserted. Open the graph window by double clicking on the worksheet's cell. If you want to show color temperature in CIE 1931, click Show/Hide Color Temperature button on the bottom right of the graph. You can also add your own data to the graph template.
  • Chromaticity Diagram with PL
    1. Click the second button, and it will open the PL2CIE dialog.
    2. Choose Phtoluminescence Spectra (PL spectra) from the worksheet or the active graph. You can choose multiple PL spectra, and each PL spectrum corresponds to a point in the chromaticity diagram.
    3. Choose CIE type for the diagram. Two options are available: CIE 1931 and CIE 1976.
    4. In Graph Settings branch, choose plot type (Scatter or Line+Symbol) and determine whether to show spectrum labels in the graph.
    5. Click OK button. A chromaticity diagram with points for PL data will be created. If you want to show color temperature in CIE 1931, click Show/Hide Color Temperature button on the bottom right of the graph. Workbook data for the graph will be hidden. You can activate the workbook in Project Explorer.

PL spectrum's x data represents wavelength, and the units must be nm.


v1.1 1/2/2019 Added a button to show color temperature in CIE 1931 graph template.

Reviews and Comments:
10/09/2020cdaviswFantastic tool!

08/22/2020celestinembakaan@gmail.comit is very useful

04/13/2020OriginLabHi bsko93.

You need to have a spectrum with X & Y data.

04/13/2020bsko93How to make a "DATA" file in the youtube video?

03/28/2020tranthanhhaumh@gmail.comThank You !

03/06/2020JBUK7Good app. Can add a function to find the white point and any specified color point? Thanks.


10/27/2019edragonCan not install comments box said ' for the group missing' how can I do something??

10/01/2019deSjeikReasonable functionality. Unfortunately this version of the tool still does not support zooming in on the data.

05/29/2019biancagaluciogostaria de usar o app para qualificar amostras de tomate