1.49 FAQ-166 How to customize all the plots in scatter matrix at one time?

Last Update: 1/8/2019

A scatter matrix is a pair-wise scatter plot of several variables presented in a matrix format. There are multiple layers in the Scatter Matrix graph.

Since Origin 2016, the Scatter Matrix has supported "all together" editing of like plots: By default, customizations to one scatter plot will automatically apply to other scatter plots and customizations to any plot on the diagonal (histograms, box charts) will automatically apply to other plots on the diagonal.

Note: To independently edit Scatter Matrices in Origin versions 2016 and 2017, you have to click Format: Page, click on the Miscellaneous tab and check the Independent Layer Control box. This option is not available in Origin 2018b or later (plots cannot be edited independently).

Other Ways to Customize All Plots

Use Copy Format and Paste Format

  1. Custom the type, size and color of the symbol or background color in a layer. Right-click on that layer Copy format: Symbol, Line and Fill, Colors or Background and so on.
  2. Click on the white space of the graph, right-click, and select Paste Format to copy the setting to all other layers.

Use Layer Management tool to customize background color

  1. Select the Graph: Layer Management to open the dialog, and go to Display tab.
  2. Highlight all the layers listed in Layer Selection, and then specify the layers Background Color.

Please view this tutorial: Scatter Matrix

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