1.165 FAQ-825 Can I send layout to PowerPoint?

Last Update: 10/15/2018

Though the layout page window acts as a “display panel” for graphs and worksheets which are edited in separate child windows, layout is still not technically graph. Thus it is not possible to paste or send layout as an OLE object to other applications (such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), but it can be pasted or sent as a picture.

If you want to paste a layout to other applications as a picture, you can:

  1. Active a layout window, press CTRL+C in Origin, and press CTRL+V in other applications to paste the layout as a picture.

If you want to send a layout to PowerPoint, there is also a Send Graphs to PowerPoint tool to help. You can:

  1. Active a layout window, and then click the Send Graphs to PowerPoint button Buttons send graphs to PowerPoint.png to open the pef_pptslide dialog.
  2. Select Picture in the Insert Graphs as item instead of Embedded Object.
  3. Finally you can send the layout to PowerPoint as a picture by clicking OK button.

Keywords:layout, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OLE object, embedded object