1.89 FAQ-442 How do I control the size of the graph I copy from Origin and paste into Microsoft Office

Last Update: 1/3/2019

Most Important

When you right click on an Origin graph and select Copy Page (Edit: Copy Page from the main menu), then paste to a Microsoft Office application, eg., MS Word, the size of pasted image will be, by default, only 40% of the source image (e.g. the graph page has reported width in Plot Details of 10.72 in. but in MS Word, the width is reported as 4.29 in).

To paste a full-sized graph to an Office application, you need to change the Ratio setting on the Page tab of Preference: Options (e.g. the default is "40" or 40% and you must change it to 100).

Of Secondary Importance

You can indirectly control the size of the pasted graph by controlling the graph margins (the amount of white space surrounding the graph).

  1. First, set Margin Control on the Preference: Options > Page tab and close the dialog box.
  2. With the graph page active, choose Edit: Export Margin Offsets and interactively reduce the amount of white space. This gives you more flexibility to make the graph as large as you like in the host application.

For more information, see Export Margin Offsets Dialog Box.

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