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Manipulate spectra through various operations.

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This app can be used to manipulate spectra by shifting, scaling, normalizing, etc.

Download the SimpleSpectroscopy.opx file, then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.


  1. Highlight single or multiple XY or Y columns in a worksheet or activate a graph with plots.
  2. Click the App icon in the Apps gallery window to open the dialog.
  3. Choose one of the following operations.
    • Shift: Shift spectra in X or Y direction. Enter a value to specify the offset.
    • Scale: Scale spectra in X or Y direction. You can either scale the spectra to a range (specify the range by picking two points or entering values), or scale by a factor.
    • Normalize to Picked Point: Normalize the spectra using a reference point picked from graph. Spectra are divided by the Y value of the reference point. (This operation is available if at least two XY datasets are selected.)
    • Normalize over X Range: Data over the specified X range is normalized to user-defined height or area. Check the Normalize Entire Spectra option to achieve the user-defined height or area by scaling the entire spectra. Otherwise only the data over the specified range is scaled. For example, if you want to weaken an unnecessary peak noise and not to alter rest of the spectrum, uncheck Normalize Entire Spectra.
    • Move Ymax to Picked Point: Spectra are aligned to have Y max points overlapped at the picked point.
    • Align Picked Points: Select each spectrum and pick a point subsequently. Spectra are aligned by overlapping picked points to one picked point or a specified X/Y position.
    • Align First Points: All spectra are moved to have first points aligned to the specified horizontal/vertical line.
  4. Click Apply to execute operations. You can undo or redo up to 10 of your last operations.
  5. Click OK to output results.


v1.4 Align picked points and first points to specified X/Y position.
v1.2 Align part of a set of spectra in Align Picked Points.
v1.1 Support aligning spectra by overlapping picked points.

Reviews and Comments:
03/20/2022VISHALRASVEvery excellent

03/20/2022VISHALRASVEvery excellent

11/23/2019alane_rafaelaVERY GOOD.