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Help to prepare a graph for publication.

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The purpose of this App is to help you prepare graphs for publication to meet exact journal requirements.


  1. Accessible by clicking the icon inside the Apps Gallery when a graph window is active.
  2. Wizard interface to help you check and set the graph format step by step.
  3. Save the journal requirements as checking rule for graphs. Note that there are several built-in checking rules of various journals, you could use it directly.
  4. Multiple methods for saving the modified graphs: copy page to the clipboard, only keep the modified graph and keep both the original graph and the modified graph.
  5. Ability to export the modified graph.

Basic Usage

Create Copy

  • This app will create a duplicate graph for the active graph everytime you launch the app.
  • This app will change the Scale Mode to Fixed Factor and set the scale factor to 1 for the duplicate graph by default.

Check Graph Element

  1. Select a journal from the drop-down, then this App will check the graph element based on the checking rule of this journal later.
  2. To modify the checking rule for the selected journal
  • Click Edit button to open a dialog.
  • Modify the settings for this journal.
  • Click OK button to save it.
  1. To save the checking rule for your own journal
  • Select any entry from the list and click Edit button
  • In the opened dialog, enter a new name in Publication Name. Note that the name should not duplicate with the existing journal name.
  • Select the appropriate setting successively in the dialog.
  • Click OK button to save the checking rule.

Page Size, Font Size, Line Thickness, Fit Layer to Page

  • Click > button to go through the pages to custom the page size, the font size, the line thickness and the layer.
  • Click Apply button to apply the setting, or the graph won’t be modified.

If a journal is selected on the first page

  • The selected journal requirements will appear next to the titles of the pages.
  • This app will display the graph elements that meet the journal requirement in green text and those don’t meet the requirement in red text next to the option.


To export the modified graph:

  • Specify the options in the last page of this app, then click Export button to export the graph.
  • Click Advanced Export button to open the expGraph dialog in Origin.
  • Click Copy Page button to paste it into other applications. 

Close Dialog

  • Click Finish button to apply the settings on the original graph and delete the copy.
  • Click Keep Copy button to apply the settings on the copy and also keep the original graph.
  • Click Cancel button to exit the dialog.


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