1.289 FAQ-1167 What should I do if I see a strange color block showed on my 3D graph?

Last Update: 5/29/2023

If you are playing with 3D OpenGL graph and see a strange color block on the graph, something like the following image, it is probably caused by a bug of AMD graphics card.

Strange color block.png

This problem is fixed from Origin 2023b. That is,

Set system variable @OGLDP = 1. Refer to this FAQ to see how to change the value of a system variable.

Note: this fix will make 2D rectangle border a bit different from the default. If you see anything wrong with this change, please set @OGLDP=0 (default) to turn it off.

If above solution doesn't work, please try

  1. Select menu Preferences: 3D OpenGL Settings....
  2. In the 3D OpenGL Settings dialog that opens, uncheck Enable Display List checkbox undaer Settings branch.
Strange color block solution.png

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