1.17 FAQ-129 Why does transparent color setting fail to work in my contour plot?

Last Update: 1/8/2019

You can set a level’s color fill to None in your contour plot to make it display as transparent. By doing this, you can see through the region that corresponds to that level. However, sometimes you do not see the effect on your graph. In this case, please check whether the Graphic Image Caching setting of the graph layer has been set to None. If not, the transparent effect cannot work properly.

To access the graph layer's Graphic Image Caching setting:

  • Right-click on the layer icon and select Layer Properties from the short-cut menu. This opens the Plot Details dialog for this layer. Click on the Display/Speed tab. If necessary, set Graphic Image Caching to None and click Apply.
  • Alternately, right-click on an empty portion of the graph layer and check the Display Caching setting, changing the selection to None, as needed.

Keywords:color fill, color map, graphic image caching, none

Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.0SR0