1.30 FAQ-145 How do I change the order of data plotted in a graph layer?

Last Update: 3/16/2020

Object Manager

Plots are listed via drawing order in Object Manager. So drag plot in Object Manager to reorder plots.

Reorder object manager.gif

From Origin 2020b, Object Manager support reversing plot order in a layer. Right click on the layer level and select Reverse Plot Order from context menu.

Reverse object manager.png

Layer Contents

  1. Double click layer icon to open Layer Contents dialog.
  2. On right panel, select plot and click Up and Down arrow buttons or drag the row header to reorder.
  3.  :Reorder layer contents.gif


  • for grouped dataplots, you will need to click for a second time to select the specific dataplot since the first click will select the whole group.
  • To switch to order plots in another layer, click Layer(n) button on the top right and select Switch Layer to further select desired plot. Repeat the steps above to adjust the order.

Plot Setup

  1. Right click Layer icon and choose Plot Setup.
  2. In Plot List (the bottom panel of the dialog), select a dataplot and drag it up or down to reorder.

In all methods above, the order of plots in the list are the opposite of what they show in graph. That is, the lower the plot is in the list, the topper it is on the graph. So if you want to show a plot on the top, please move it to the bottom in the dialogs/panel

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

Keywords:layer contents, plot setup dialog