1.84 FAQ-214 How to change the plot type?

Last Update: 1/11/2018

  1. For line, scatter, line+symbol and column plot, you can click the toolbar buttons to change plot type.
    Change Plot Type.gif
  2. Also for line, scatter, line+symbol and column plot, another way is to right click on the plot and select Change Plot to and further select the plot type you want to switch to.
  3. Plot Setup dialog has more plot types to choose.
    • Highlight a data plot in Plot List box (lower panel).
    • Select a plot in Plot Type List (middle panel).
    • Click Replace button.
    • Click OK button to change plot type.

Note: For grouped plot, all plot in the group will be changed together. If plots are not grouped, you can click on plot to select it first. Then click the toolbar button or Change Plot to context menu.

Keywords:Change, Plot Type, Plot Setup