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Sales: Frequently Asked Questions




What are Origin's licensing options?

OriginLab offers Single and Multi-seat licenses including Node-Locked, Concurrent, and Dongle license management.

What is the difference between Origin and OriginPro?

OriginPro offers all the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools. Compare Origin and OriginPro's analysis features.

Why should I choose OriginLab?

At OriginLab, we realize that you have multiple companies and products to choose from for your data analysis and graphing needs. See why we think OriginLab is your better choice.

Are there any restrictions on publishing figures produced by Origin?

No - there are no restrictions in publishing figures produced by Origin. The Origin trial does include a trial watermark in exported and copied graphs, but the Origin product will not include this. View Origin citation examples.

Can I upgrade my copy of Origin or Originpro to the latest version?

Yes you can always upgrade any version of Origin. If you have a permanent license of Origin or OriginPro that is less than 5 years old, then you can upgrade to the latest version at a discount. Customers within the US and Canada should call OriginLab directly to speak with our Sales team. Customers in other countries should contact their local distributor.

Remember, a Maintenance Plan is the most cost effective way to get upgrades and other perks.

Is there a student version of Origin?

Yes, it is called the Student Version License, and is for student's personal use only. It is not permitted to install the license on a college or university-owned computer.

Is there a Mac version?

Currently, there is no native Mac version of Origin, however, the new Intel-based Macs can run Windows programs seamlessly using virtualization software.

What are the best price options for Academic Customers who want to install the software on University-owned computers?

OriginLab provides significant discounts for academic institutions in addition to our volume discounts. We offer teaching lab/classroom licenses, research lab licenses, as well as department and university-wide licenses.

Read how the University of Tulsa integrates Origin into their physics classes.

How many machines can I install the software on?

With a Node-Locked license, you can run the software on one computer per seat.

With the Multi-seat Node-Locked license, you must choose how many "seats" you need to purchase. For example, if you need to run Origin on 10 computers, you should purchase at least a 10-seat package.

With a Concurrent Network license, you can install the software on any number of networked computers. The provided license management software permits only the purchased number of seats to run at a given time.

What are the benefits of the Annual Maintenance plan?

A Maintenance Plan costs less than a one-version back upgrade and provides many useful benefits for a 12-month period, including:

(a) Automatic upgrades as new versions become available

(b) Home-use licenses (for certain license packages)

(c) On-going licensing and product technical support for the duration of your Maintenance period.

Support for Annual Maintenance customers also includes troubleshooting custom applications, such as LabTalk scripts.

For Multi-user package Maintenance customers - custom webinars are available by request.

Access to beta version of new products prior to release, is also available.

Does the Annual Maintenance plan automatically renew?

No, the Annual Maintenance plans do not automatically renew. You will be contacted by a Sales department representative before your Annual Maintenance expiration date with a price quote to renew your maintenance agreement. If you wish to upgrade your Annual Maintenance now, please contact your OriginLab Sales department representative.

Why is there a watermark on my graphs?

The Origin trial and the OriginPro trial software are programmed to place watermarks on all graphs. This watermark only appears on the free trial software. Once a license is purchased, you can license your trial installation and the watermarks will no longer appear.

I installed the Origin trial but I really want to try OriginPro. How do I fix this?

See FAQ-6 I installed the Origin (or OriginPro) trial but I really want to try OriginPro (or Origin). How do I fix this?

My trial time ran out but I didn't finish evaluating. How can I keep using the trial?

If you were running the trial in the three day unlicensed mode, you can use the trial license dialog to obtain a license for an extended trial period.

If you already obtained an trial license and have reached the end of that trial period, please contact the OriginLab Sales department or your Origin Distributor to discuss extending your trial.

Our organization wants to try Origin on many computers. Do we need to get trial licenses for all of them?

You can use the same installer to install the trial on each computer. Once you start the trial on one computer and use the licensing dialog to obtain an trial license, you can use that same trial license on all the other computers.

For the other computers, start the trial and choose the option "I already have an trial license - how do I enter it?".

We can also provide you with a Multi-user trial license. Please contact our sales department.

Can I convert the trial into my purchased product?

Yes, you can run Origin's Add or Remove Files: Modify program to convert your trial to a product.

What are the system requirements?

You can refer to this page.

What is the Origin/OriginPro Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?

OriginLab products are classified as EAR99.

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