1.10 FAQ-121 What can I do if my tick labels are too long and overlapping?

Last Update: 10/15/2018

If you have long phrases in axis tick labels in 2D Cartesian graphs and they are overlapping with each other, you may use the Wrap Text option in the Axis Dialog to avoid overlapping:

Wrap Text Effect.png

In order to turn on the Wrap Text option, double click on the overlapping tick labels and open the Tick Labels tab of the Axis dialog, then in the second row of tabs, go to Format tab and select By Layer Length or By Number of Characters from the Wrap Text drop-down list.

Wrap Text Dialog.png

Please note, if you select By Number of Characters to wrap the tick labels, you need further specify a minimum number for Wrap Minimum Width.

Note that text will only be wrapped at the white space in between each word.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0

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