1.168 FAQ-830 How to white out a layer?

Last Update: 9/19/2016

It is supposed that there are two layers in a graph. As usual, it will force to display all of data in both layers even if Layer2 has a background color. If you want to plot the data of Layer2 on a white background, you can achieve it by specifying the drawing order of layers in Layer Management dialog or Plot Details dialog:

In Layer Management Dialog

  1. Active the graph and select Graph: Layer Management... from Origin menu to launch the Layer Management dialog.
  2. Select Layer2 in the left panel of dialog
  3. Go to Display tab, and then select Draw Layer by Layer in the drop-down list of Drawing Order, which specifying that Layer2 will be drawn after Layer1 being completely drawn. For draw layer by layer, if you specify a background color for Layer2, then the background will mask elements of Layer1.
  4. Select color White in Background Color, and then click Apply to execute the background setting.
  5. At last, click OK to finish all the setting.
How to white out a layer 1.png

In Plot Details Dialog

  1. Double-click directly on the data plot to launch the Plot Details dialog.
  2. Select Graph tree node in left panel, and then go to Miscellaneous tab to click the radio button of Draw Layer by Layer in Drawing Order item.
    How to white out a layer 2.png
  3. Select Layer2 tree node in left panel, and then go to Background tab to select color White in Color item.
    How to white out a layer 3.png
  4. Click OK button to execute the setting.

Note: If you leave the background as None then the data in Layer1 will be still visible.

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