1.184 FAQ-876 How do I reduce the white space around my graph when exporting?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

The amount of the graph page that is copied/exported is controlled by Margin Control and Clip Border Width settings on Page tab of Preference: Options dialog.

By default the Margin Control is Page, which means the whole page will be copied or exported. You can change it to Tight so no extra white space outside the graph frame will be copied/exported.

Such controls also shows in the Export Graphs dialog box. It loads the default Preference: Options settings. But you can change it in the export dialog.

In Origin 2018, you can interactively define the copy and export region of the graph without the need to changing Preference: Option settings.

  1. Choose Edit: Export Margin Offsets. This will open the Export Margin Offsets dialog and place a bounding box on the graph page.
  2. Use the selection handles on the bounding box in combination with the text boxes in the dialog, to adjust your export margins. Or enter pixel numbers (≥ 0).
  3. Then use Edit: Copy Page, Edit: Copy Graph as Picture or File: Export Graph. Only the region you defined will be copied/exported.
Export selected region.gif

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Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2018 SR0