1.24 FAQ-137 How do I add logo to all my graphs?

Last Update: 3/19/2018

In order to add logo with identical style and position to all the graphs, you may use the master page.

To use the master page:

  1. Select File: New: Master Page from the menu to new a master page in the project.
  2. If you add the master page in the root folder, the master item will be shown in the graph with the same dimensions automatically.
    If not, you need to refrash the graphs, after new or update the Master Page.
  3. Customize the Master Page, and then the items in the graphs are updated automatically.
  4. Click the Save Master Template button to save your template. The next time you can choose File: New: Master Page to load this customized template.

Add logo to graphs.gif


  • For the graphs created in Origin 2018b, the option in the menu View:Show:Master Items on Screen is checked by default. And Use Master Items is checked on Display tab of Plot Details dialog page level. If master doesn't show in a graph, please check these two settings.
  • Master items will only show in graphs pages of the same dimensions as the template.
  • The comments that show beneath the Save Master Template button are "hidden" and will not be applied to your graph windows.
  • The master page must be saved in the project. Otherwise if you open the project again, logos will be gone.

Keywords:master page, master object, graph object, portrait, landscape, logo, image

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2018b