1.159 FAQ-816 How do I insert graphs as new slides in my currently opened PowerPoint presentation?

Last Update: 3/14/2016

Sometimes, you might want to send the graphs from Origin to the currently opened PowerPoint file, not a completely different PTT presentation. Then, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the PPT presentation file has been saved once. You can do further edits on it but don't need to keep saving it.
  2. Click the Send Graphs to Powerpoint button Button Send Graphs to PowerPoint.png to open the pef_pptslide diallog. Check End check box next to Starting Slide Index box to send the graph to a new slide after the ending of the PPT presentation.
  3. Click the browse button Button Browse.png beside the Load File/Temaple(Optional) box to locate this pre-saved PPT file.
  4. Click OK button to sent the specified graph to the PPT file.
  5. You can continue to edit the PPT file as needed, and keep sending new graphs from Origin to this PPT file as additional slides, or use the Starting Slide Index and Slide Mode control to replace existing slides etc.

You can refer to this tutorial to learn more about how to send graphs to PowerPoint.

Keywords:PPT, PowerPoint, Send Graphs, Insert Graphs, slide