1.234 FAQ-1006 Why is it that data points lying on the frame are not clipped?

Last Update: 10/10/2019

From Origin 2019b, by default, when Clip Data to Frame is checked on the Plot Details dialog, any plot symbol whose center lies on or within the layer frame, is drawn in full. This includes associated error bars or data labels.

To change the way symbols display in relation to the layer frame:

  1. Click once in an empty space inside the graph layer. This selects the layer.
  2. Click the Clip Data to Frame button on the popup mini toolbar.
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  • To show all data points, error bars and data labels -- even those outside the layer frame -- choose Do not clip.
  • To clip all elements (points, error bars, labels) precisely at the layer frame, choose Clip to frame.
  • Choose Hide if outside frame to return to the default view.
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To restore pre-2019b clipping behaviors

  1. Select menu Preferences: System Variables and set system variable @PEC to 1

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