9.1.2 The (Plot Details) Miscellaneous tab

The Miscellaneous tab of the page's Plot Details dialog box provides control of the view mode and the redraw criteria of a graph window (when it's not active), the application of speed mode settings to graphic export (this includes graphs copied to the Clipboard), plot attributes matching criteria, data normalization of XYZ Contour and Surface plots, plus graph template information on the worksheet location of column-stored plot modifiers (values that control plot attributes).

Miscellaneous Tab.png


View Mode

Select a view mode with this drop-down list. Options include Print View, Page View, Window View, and Draft View.

For guidance, see Available Page Viewing Modes.

If Speed Mode is Enabled for Display, Apply to Graphic Export as Well

This check box allows you to apply speed mode when your graph is exported to a file or copied to the Clipboard. Speed mode is set on the Display/Speed tab of the layer's Plot Details dialog box. Enabling speed mode increases the redraw speed of your graph layer by limiting the number of data points displayed in that graph layer.

Auto Color of Label Follows Symbol

This control is available only for 2D line & symbol plots.

When the data label color is set to Auto in the Label tab, use this check box to specify how to determine label auto color behavior.

If it is checked, label color follows the symbol color.

If it is cleared, label color will be chosen so as to display in highest contrast to the background color.

Normalize Data for XYZ Contour/Surface Plot

A contour triangulation algorithm that plots raw X and Y data was implemented in Origin 2016. Previous versions performed some normalization of X and Y data before plotting. Thus, when large scale differences exist between X and Y data, contour and surface plots made with versions 2016 and later, may look very different from plots made with older versions.

You can force Origin to plot using the older algorithm by checking the Normalize Data for XYZ Contour/Surface Plot check box.

Triangulation Raw vs Normalized.png

Match Modifier by (for template and copy format)

Use this control to associate the plot attribute(s) with the modifying column(s) when save graph template or copy format. Some plot attributes can be modified by mapping them to a column of values. The mapped column can be identified by its column index number (Offset) or by column Short Name, Long Name, Units, Comments, (built-in) Parameters(n) or User-defined Parameter. For more details, see Match Modifiers by (for template and copy format).

Offset Plot is mapped to modifier data by column offset.
Short Name Plot is mapped to modifier data by Short Name. Unlike the other label modifiers, Short Name is always unique within the worksheet.
Long Name Plot is mapped to modifier data by Long Name.
Units Plot is mapped to modifier data by Units.
Comments Plot is mapped to modifier data by Comments.
Parametersn Plot is mapped to modifier data by Parametersn
UserDefinedn Plot is mapped to modifier data by UserDefinedn parameters

Please note, this option value will influence the default selection of the Match Modifier control of Batch Plotting.