1.273 FAQ-1132 How to create a gray legend of box chart?

Last Update: 4/11/2022

The legend symbol of a Box chart follows the the first box style by default. If you want to customize the box in the legend, for example, create a gray box legend,

Box legend customize 1132 1.png


  1. Right click on the legend and select Properties context menu.
  2. Replace the default legend syntax with following
    \l(1,B, BorderColor:#808080 PatternFill:#C0C0C0) %(1,@V"Box_R")
    \l(1,W, lineColor:#808080) %(1,@V"Box_W")
    \l(1,MDL, lineColor:#808080) %(1,@V"Box_MDL")
    \l(1,M, edgeColor:#808080) %(1,@V"Box_M")
    \l(1,O, edgeColor:#808080) %(1,@V"Box_O")

    Box legend customize 1132 2.png

  • You can customize the box/line/edge/scatter color by changing the corresponding color hex #808080.
  • Learn more about Box chart legend customization on this page.

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