1.256 FAQ-1051 How to add a boundary to a contour plot?

Last Update: 3/29/2020

There are several ways you can add a boundary to a contour plot of XYZ worksheet data. There are three options found on the Plot Details Contouring Info tab:

  1. Double-click on the plot to open Plot Details, then click the Contouring Info tab.
  • Custom Boundary: This option is probably the most common. You provide XY columns that define a custom boundary.
  • Data Boundary: This option creates a boundary by drawing a convex hull around the data points.
  • Layer Boundary: This option creates a boundary that coincides with the Layer Frame (View: Show: Frame)

PD Contour Boundary Options.png

Another option is to use the free Concave Hull App to draw a concave hull around the data points

  1. If you have not already installed the App, press F10 to open the App Center.
  2. Click the Search tab and search on Concave.
  3. Install the Concave Hull App.

The App takes XY input and outputs Concave Hull Xn and Concave Hull Yn. Use this XY data to define a Custom Boundary as outlined above.

Contour actual data boundary PD.png

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