1.92 FAQ-445 How do I set up and print a large graph page on multiple sheets?

Last Update: 1/8/2019

With your graph active, select Format: Page. The Plot Details dialog box opens. Select the Print/Dimensions tab if it is not already selected. To ensure that the Width and/or Height text box values in the Dimensions group control the size of the printed graph, clear the Width and/or Height check boxes in the Use Printer Default Dimensions When Printing group. Otherwise, Origin will adjust the graph page to fit the printer page, independent of the Dimensions group settings.

For example, if the Width of a graph page is set to 20 inches and the Height is set to 8 inches, while the printer page Width is 10 inches and the Height is 8.5 inches, and the Width check box (Use Printer...group) is cleared but the Height check box is selected, Origin will print the graph across two pages (because 20 inches /10 inches = 2).

Select the Print Cropmarks check box to display cropmarks at the margins of the printer's printable area. Note: You can also print cropmarks by selecting the Print Cropmarks check box in the More Print Options dialog box (click the Options button on the Print dialog box).

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