1.129 FAQ-717 How do I use LabTalk to make P-P or Q-Q Statistical Plots?

Last Update: 2/18/2019

To make a Quantile-Quantile (Q-Q) plot or a Probability-Probability (P-P) plot using LabTalk command, you need three steps below:

  1. Highlight data and go to menu Plot > Statistical : Probability Plot (/Q-Q Plot) to open plot_prob dialog.
  2. Customize settings and save the dialog settings as a theme.
  3. Highlight desired data and run the following LabTalk command to create Probability plot with previously saved theme:
worksheet -px ? PPNormal plot_prob option:=0 -t theme;
where theme corresponds to saved theme name.

Keywords:Q-Q, P-P, Statistical, Probability, Quantile

Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.6 SR0