1.232 FAQ-1001 Origin Graphs copied to Excel do not update when changes are made in Origin

Last Update: 3/26/2019

When you create a graph, click Edit: Copy Page and then paste to MS Excel (From the Home tab, click Paste or press CTRL+V), you are pasting an editable Origin object into your Excel file. Subsequently, you can double-click on the Origin object (graph), launch an OLE instance of Origin and make edits to your graph. Then from Origin's File menu, you click Exit and Return to Book and the graph in Excel should update to show your edits.

On some systems, the Origin graph embedded in Excel fails to update. When this happens, we suggest the following workarounds:

  • Try saving and reopening the Excel file. The graph should now show your updates.
  • Alternately, once you have made your edits in the OLE instance of Origin, repeat Edit: Copy Page on the updated graph, then paste the graph once again to Excel, replacing the OLE object that you previously added to the book.

Keywords:Copy Page, refresh, edit, paste, Office, OLE