1.48 FAQ-165 How to quickly customize graphs using Theme Organizer?

Last Update: 10/13/2020

After you create a graph, and change its properties, such as layer size, page color, plot symbol type and color etc., you can use a graph theme to apply all those changes to other graphs.

  • Save theme
  1. Right-click on the graph page area or a graph object(such as the graph title, legend etc.) to select Save Format as Theme from the context menu.
  2. In the Save Format as Theme dialog, check the check boxes for the formats you want to save, or click on the Edit Theme Details button Button Edit Theme Details.png to select individual formatting items to save with the theme.
    Customize graphs using Theme Organizer 01.png
In the lower panel of this dialog, you can right-click on one table row to delete unwanted properties, add more properties, and edit the value of one property from the context menu conveniently. Please refer to this page for more details.
  1. Enter a theme name and click on the OK button to save the theme.
  • Apply theme

With the graph window active, select Preferences: Theme Organizer from the main menu to open the Theme Organizer. In this dialog, select the pre-saved graph theme and the target graph(s) from the Apply Theme to drop-down list, then click the Apply Now button to apply the theme to the graph(s).

If you are using Origin 2019 or later, check out OriginLab's free Theme Preview App. The App includes Themes for axes, box charts, color schemes, contour plots, and more, that can be applied to your graph. Themes can be applied singly or in combination to build an entirely new Theme. What's more -- as the App name implies -- you can preview any and all changes before applying them to your graph.

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