1.140 FAQ-754 How to clone a graph with same data structure from an existing graph?

Last Update: 3/17/2021

With the desired graph window active, right click on the window title bar to select Save Template As... or go to menu File: Save Template As... to open Utilities\File:template_saveas dialog. Check Mark as Cloneable Template checkbox and select a data structure matching criteria from Match Column by drop-down list, and click OK button to save the graph as a cloneable template.

After that you can clone a graph from this cloneable template with new data of same data structure. To do so, highlight all the data to be plotted, and go to menu Plot: My Templates and further select the saved cloneable template, indicated by a sheep icon in front to distinguish from an ordinary graph template, to make a graph with exactly same customizations as template.

You can also further select Template Library to preview the template in the dialog and determine which template to be used for plotting.

For more details, please refer to this page.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

Keywords:clone, same, copy, duplicate, replica