3.54 FAQ-288 How to change the default value of Recalculate dropdown when open dialog?

Last Update: 11/15/2018

When you perform an analysis on some columns or a worksheet, the Recalculate mode is by default set to Manual when open the dialog, and its indicator will be shown as a green lock icon in the result sheet. When there is any change in source data or parameter settings, to recalculate results you have to manually click the lock icon and choose Recalculate.

To globally set the recalculation mode to Auto, set system variable @DAM=1 (by default is 2) in Script Window or Command Window before any analysis was performed. Therefore, the default Recalculate dropdown value upon opening dialog is Auto instead.

Note: the system variable @DAM will affect X function based tools and operation based tools. Worksheet Query tool will not be controlled by this system variable and its default value will be kept as None.

You can permanently change the value of @DAM in Origin. Refer to the FAQ for more details.

Keywords:recalculate, mode, auto

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0