3.64 FAQ-300 How do I perform Peak Deconvolution?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

When the intensity is a linear combination of individual components, you can apply curve fitting to process peak decomposition. Origin offers two tools as for fitting multiple peaks, of which some may be overlapping peaks.

  • If there is no baseline involved, then the Multiple Peak Fit tool can be used. This tool is accessible from the Analysis:Peaks and Baseline menu. It allows you to click and specify where the peaks should be, and perform the peak fitting based on the specified peak centers. This tool also has an option to open Origin's NLFit dialog box for advanced fitting control.
QuickHelp Peak Deconvolution1.png QuickHelp Peak Deconvolution 2.png
  • If there is a baseline involved, the Peak Analyzer tool can be used. Open this tool by clicking Analysis:Peaks and Baseline. Set your Goal to Fit Peaks (Pro) (available in OriginPro). This tool offers multiple methods for baseline and peak detection, with full control of the fitting process. To fit a different peak function for each peak, click the Fit Control button at the bottom of the last page of the wizard.

QuickHelp Peak Deconvolution 3.png

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