3.1 FAQ-976 Why does my Analysis Template file keep getting bigger?

Last Update: 12/7/2018

Due to an issue in Origin 2018, Origin 2018b and Origin 2019 (the issue only applies to those versions), you may observe that the size of your Analysis Template files (.OGW or .OGWU) grows larger and larger each time you use them for Batch Processing.

To remedy this issue, set the system variable @BST=0 via the Set System Variables dialog, Command Window, or Script Window.

To reduce the size of your Analysis Template file back to it's original size, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Analysis Template file (.OGW or .OGWU) directly from the File: Open menu.
  2. Activate the worksheet that accepts the imported data.
  3. From the Window menu, select Clear Worksheet... and click OK in the Attention!!! popup.
  4. In the Command Window or Script Window, run del -r 16;
  5. From the File menu, select Save Workbook as Analysis Template... and re-save the template to file.

After setting @BST=0 and reducing Analysis Template file back to its original size, you will not see it's size grow again unless you modify it yourself.

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