3.44 FAQ-277 How do I know if an analysis result is not up to date?

Last Update: 7/20/2018

The color of the lock on the Result Sheet and Graph Window indicates the status.

  • If the result is up to date, the lock color is green Operation lock manual.png.
  • If the result is in need of an update, then the lock color is yellow Operation lock manual pending.png.
  • If there is a problem with the update, then the lock turns red.

If the source data changes the lock will turn yellow, to indicate a recalculate is needed. You can left click the lock to Recalculate or Change Parameters.

The Recalculate button on the Standard toolbar, Recal Green button.png, also indicates if an update is needed. It will also turn yellow, Recal Yellow button.png. Clicking this button will update any result in the project that needs updating. If you hold the mouse over the button, a message will appear telling you how many updates are needed.

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