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3.105 FAQ-642 Which kind of weight can be used in fitting?

Last Update: 7/20/2018

Origin provides a number of weighting methods in the fitting process. Some of them use error bars as value for weights (a designated Error column need to be specified), some of them calculate quantities as weight.

  • Direct Weighting
  • Instrumental
  • Statistical
  • Arbitrary Dataset
  • Variance ~ y^2
  • Variance = a*y^b
  • Variance = c^b+a*y^b
  • Variance = a*y^b*c^(tlast−t)
  • Variance ~ yfit
  • Variance ~ yfit^2
  • Variance = a*yfit^b
  • Variance = c^b+a*yfit^b
  • Variance = a*yfit^b*c^(tlast−t)

For detailed information of each weight, please see: Fitting with Errors and Weighting

Keywords:Linear Curve Fit, Weighted Fitting


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