3.47 FAQ-280 How do I perform analysis on a specific curve in my multi-curve plot?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

When performing analysis on plotted data, the analysis dialog will automatically be assigned the ACTIVE or the SELECTED dataplot as INPUT.

The active dataplot can be read in the status bar, at the bottom, lower right of the workspace. The active dataplot can be changed by clicking on the Data menu and selecting from the Data List.

Alternatively, Instead of changing the active dataplot, you can just select the one from the graph that you wish to perform the analysis on. Click on one of your curves (dataplots) to select it. When you have a dataplot group and you click on one dataplot, all dataplots will be selected. You just need to click again on a specific curve to select just that curve. This selected dataplot will then be recognized as input when the analysis dialog opens.

Keywords:active, select, multiple, fit, graph, layer