3.19 FAQ-244 Why can I not reproduce the fit curve using reported parameters?

Last Update: 1/24/2023

If you use fitted parameters from the NLFit report sheet to calculate your own fitted curve, the calculated fitted curve is different from the fitted curve created by Origin. This is due to the fact that fitted parameters in the report only show a precision of 5 decimal digits by default while Origin uses full precision to calculate the fitted curve internally.

The display of the Parameters table in the Results sheet is controlled by the Significant Digits column in the Parameters tab of NLFit dialog. So you can select different digits from the drop-down list to improve the precision of fitted parameters shown in the report.

Note: The Results Log (View: Results Log) always shows full precision, 14 decimal places. And, to change the system digits of numeric data, you can go to the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog opened by selecting Preference: Options.

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Keywords:incorrect, difference, precision, digits, numeric format, significant digits

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.0SR0