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3.43 FAQ-275 How do I hide the analysis markers and locks?

Last Update: 12/4/2018

How to Hide Analysis Markers

When you select data sub-range to perform analysis using Data Selector Button Data Selector.png, analysis markers will be generated.

To hide or change the size of analysis markers, you have four different ways:

  • right-click on current layer (do not select the layer) to select Analysis Markers from shortcut menu.
  • right-click on the analysis markers to select Analysis Markers from shortcut menu.
  • left-click on the lock icon to select Analysis Markers from shortcut menu.
  • select Data: Analysis Markers from main menu.

How to Hide Analysis Locks

When you do an analysis on graph, or plot a data with is an output of some analysis, a green lock shows in graph. The lock will not be exported or printed but still sometimes it's in the way. In Origin 2019, we added View: Show: Lock Icons. Uncheck it to hide analysis locks in graph window. There is no workaround before Origin 2019.

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