3.72 FAQ-309 How do I carry out deconvolution?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Deconvolution is widely used in many research fields, e.g. supramolecular chemistry, calculating fluorescence lifetime.etc. In Origin, there are several approaches to do deconvolution for different scenarios:

  • The data is a convolution of Gauss and Exponential functions:
    Directly fit the data with the built-in GaussMod fitting function in the NLFit dialog.
  • The data is a convolution of two functions (but not Gauss and Exponential):
    Follow the Fitting with Convolution of Two Functions tutorial.
  • The IRF(instrument response function) is very complex and cannot be defined by a function:
    Follow the Fitting with Convolution tutorial.
  • Use deconvolution to analyze peaks:
    Refer to this FAQ, or use FFT to do deconvolution.

Keywords:deconvolution, fluorescence lifetime, IRF, instrument response function, supramolecular, chemistry, fft, fast fourier transform