3.109 FAQ-647 How to identify fitting results in report table by Dataset Identilier?

Last Update: 7/21/2018

Data Identifier below is used to specify the source datasets information in report table.

  • Range
    Use the range syntax.
  • Book Name
    Use the workbook long name.
  • Sheet Name
    Use the worksheet name.
  • Sheet Display Name
    Use the displayed worksheet name.
  • Name
    Use the long name of the corresponding column if there is a long name, otherwise use the short name of column.
  • Short Name
    Use the short name of the corresponding column.
  • Long Name
    Use the long name of the corresponding column.
  • Units
    Use the unit of the corresponding column.
  • Comments
    Use the comment of corresponding column.
  • <custom>
    Use custom formats to define a data identifier. For its usage, please refer to Advanced legend text customization.
  • Show Identifier in Flat Sheet
    Many Origin analysis operations output data to a "flat" sheet in addition to the collapsible analysis report sheets. Use the Identifier in the flat sheet.

Keywords:Linear Curve Fit, data identilier