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3.53 FAQ-287 How to change the font size of footnote in the result sheet?

Last Update: 2/3/2015

In the built-in result sheets of some data analysis (e.g. hypothesis testing), a footnote will be provided in the table(s) to help draw conclusions.

In order to change the font size of a footnote, you can select Tools:Options to open the Options dialog, and in the Miscellaneous tab, use the Footnote Size Ratio drop-down menu to control the font size of footnotes in all result sheets.

Note: In order to apply the font size change to previously created footnote texts, you need to shrink and then expand the corresponding report table in result sheet in order to refresh the text display.

Keywords:font size, footnote, result sheet, footnote size,

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.1 SR0


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