3.152 FAQ-964 Why there are negative peaks when I deconvolute peaks, how to make them always be positive?

Last Update: 9/13/2018

Sometimes when you deconvolute peaks in Origin, you may find that some deconvoluted peaks expected to be positive are negative.

To fix the peak direction to keep them positive during the peak deconvolution

  • If the baseline is not well defined it may submerge some of the crests and thus the troughs would be detected as "negative peaks". In this case, check and adjust the baseline to avoid the negative peaks.
  • If you are using the Peak Analyzer tool to do peak deconvolution, you can restrict the peak direction as follow
  1. Open the Peak Fit parameter dialog by clicking on the Fit Control button at the Fit Peaks page of Peak Analyzer,
  2. Set the parameters area Or amplitude to be large than or equal to 0.
  • Deconvolute positive peaks.png

Keywords:positive peaks, negative peaks, peak deconvolution