3.155 FAQ-987 Why SE of mean got in ANOVA is different from the one got in statistics on column?

Last Update: 12/26/2018

In result sheet of Repeated Measure ANOVA tools in Origin, there is a table Descriptive Statistics The Means, SE of Mean values in the table are quite different from the ones we get in Statistics on Column tool, why?

FID987 RMANOVA 2 Results.png FID987 Stats COL Results.png

It is because they in fact are two type of means though they have similar name in report,

  • Repeated ANOVA tools
    In repeated measure ANOVA tools we report Least Square Mean (LS mean), which is means for groups that are adjusted for means of other factors in a linear model, such as ANOVA
  • Statistics on Columns tool
    In Statistics on Columns tool we report observed means, which are regular means that computed directly on your data without reference to any statistical model.
Notes: If your data follows balanced design, values of LS Mean and Observed Mean are the same. Only SE, LCI and UCI are different in the two tools, based on algorithm of LS Mean and Observed mean.