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The (Plot Details) Pie Geometry tab provides controls to edit the view and rotation of the pie chart, as well as the displacement of individual pie slices.

Pie geometry.png

3D View

The View Angle setting determines the view angle of the pie chart. The units are in degrees. Type 90 to display the chart as 2D.

The Thickness setting determines the thickness of the pie slices. The units are in % of the pie chart radius.


The Starting Azimuth (deg) setting determines the location of the first pie slice in the chart.

Select the Counter Clockwise box to display the pie slices in a counterclockwise orientation.


The Rescale Radius text box resizes the pie chart. The units are in % of the frame size. The frame is the boundary box around the pie chart.

Use the Horizontal Offset box to shift the chart to the right (n > 0) or left (n < 0). The units are in % of the frame (the boundary box around the pie chart).

Pie Sections

To pull one or more slices out of the pie chart, make selections in the Explode Wedge box.

Specify the displacement for any selected slices from the Displacement text box. The units are in % of the pie chart radius.


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