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21 Exporting and Publishing Graphs

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Origin provides a number of tools that are useful in creating presentations. In some cases, you may wish to assemble your presentation using tools available in Origin. In other cases, you may wish to pass your Origin graphics to another application to complete your presentation.

  • Create a Master Page that allows you to include common elements (authors' names, company logos, etc.) in all of your exported graphs or layout pages.
  • Create a layout page using a combination of graphs, tables, and text and drawing objects.
  • Export your graph or layout page to an image file (EPS, BMP, JPG, TIF, etc.).
  • Include your graph in another application, as an OLE object. As on OLE object, you can make changes to the embedded graph in its native application (Origin or OriginPro).
  • In addition to editing in the native application, OLE allows you to specify a link to the source graph. This lets you update an inserted graph when changes are made to the source graph.

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