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The Panel tab provides controls to arrange the trellis pattern, including arrangement of horizontal and vertical panels, gaps between panels, and color increment of plots within/between panels.

Panel tab 01.png

Horizontal Panel/Vertical Panel

Enable Panel

Decide whether to use the trellis pattern or not and how to arrange data into multiple panels if yes.

  • None: Do not use a trellis pattern.
  • By Size: Categorize data by size and plot the group(s) into multiple panels. Specify group size in Panel Size edit box.
  • By Column(s): Categorize data by group column(s) and plot the group(s) into multiple panels. Specify group column(s) in Column(s) box.
Panel Size

Available only when By Size is selected for Enable Panel. Specify the group size. Positive integer is allowed.


Available only when By Column(s) is selected for Enable Panel. Specify the group column(s) used to categorize data. Multiple columns are allowed for a single direction.

Overlap Panels

Specify the panels will overlap on horizontal or vertical. Once you checked this check box, the multiple-panel plot will be combined to one-panel plot.

Use Alternate Side to Show Ticks and Labels

Show ticks and labels on opposite axes in the interleaving pattern.

Gap Between Panels (%)

Specify the gap between panels in % of layer width (for horizontal panels) or height (for vertical panels).

Increment on Panel

Decide how plot color/pattern changes in panels.

  • None: Do not change the plot color.
  • Within Panel: When plot element is set to Increment, increase colors within a panel.
  • Between Panels: When plot element is set to Increment, increase colors between panels.
  1. To set plot color to Increment, go to the corresponding element tab (e.g. Symbol tab if a symbol plot), set Symbol Color to By Points: Increment from and select a beginning color. Once done, a Color List tab is shown. You can further customize the color list on this tab. Similar to set plot pattern to Increment.
  2. If Within Panel is selected in one direction, Between Panel option in the other direction is disable. Vice versa.

Wrap Panel if Columns/Rows Exceed

Select this checkbox to wrap panels if columns (in horizontal direction)/rows (in vertical direction) exceed a specified number.

This checkbox is only available when panels are arranged in one direction.

Vertical Order First if Between Panel on Both

This checkbox is only available when Increment on Panel is set to Between Panel for both horizontal and vertical directions.

Select this checkbox to enable a vertical-direction-preferred increment order between panels, in which element colors/patterns start increasing from panels in the first column and then the second column if all panels in the first column are exhausted.


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