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The Advancing/Declining Price tab provides controls for stock graphs, such as Japanese Candlestick graph, OHLC Bar Chart and OHLC-Volume graph. The stock graphs usually contain two different plot elements which created by 4 columns that contain the opening, highest, lowest and closing prices. The first kind element represents the closing price of a security is higher than the opening price, the appearance of which can be controlled by Advancing Price tab. The other element represents the closing price of a security is lower than the opening prices, the appearance of which can be controlled by Declining Price tab. The controls of the two tabs are the same, but just with different default settings.

Advancing and declining price.png



Specify a border/line color.


Select a border/line style.


Select or enter a border/line width. The width is measured in points, where 1 point=1/72 inch.

Note: You can customize Origin's dash patterns by editing the Origin Dash Lines group on the Graph tab of the Options dialog box (Tools: Options).


This group options can be edited only when a Japanese Candlestick graph or OHLC-Volume graph has been created.


Specify a fill color. Select None to display a transparent fill.


Select a fill pattern.

Pattern Color

When a pattern is selected from the Pattern list, the Pattern Color button is available. Select a color from this button. When Automatic is selected, Origin uses the Border Color button setting for the pattern color.


Specify the width of the lines in the fill pattern. Line width is measured in units of points, where 1 point=1/72 inch.


Origin displays your current tab settings in this view box.

Gradient Fill

Mode Specify the gradient fill mode.
  • None
No gradient color change
  • One Color
One color changes from black to white gradually
  • Two Colors
The fill changes from one color to another gradually
Lightness This is available only when Mode is set to One Color. It is a slider used to set the lightness (in %) of the gradient fill color, varying from black to white.
Color This is available only when Mode is set to Two Colors. Select the second color used to create the gradient.
Direction This is available when Mode is set to One Color or Two Colors. It allows you to specify the direction along which the filled color gradually changes.

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