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11 Gadgets

Origin offers several Gadgets for analysis of data plotted in a graph. Gadgets are accessible from the Gadgets menu when a graph is active.

When you choose a gadget from the menu, Origin adds a rectangle to the graph, allowing you to choose the Region of Interest (ROI) for the data to be analyzed. A Preference dialog is available either by double clicking on the ROI box, or from the fly out menu of the ROI for most gadgets. You can also save your settings to a theme file for later use.

Multiple gadgets are supported on a graph. You can customize the color of each ROI to distinguish them. . Click on a particular ROI to bring it ot the front. When an ROI is selected, you can also use the Tab key to switch from one ROI to another.

Note: To toggle the display of all gadget ROI boxes in a graph at the same time, click the H button H Button.png in the top right corner of the graph, which enables users to export the graph with gadget results.

A gadget ROI box can be also considered as a drawing object in general. In order to access the the Object Properties dialog , hold the Alt or Ctrl key when double clicking. These two dialog boxes provide general object customization options.

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